Inflation impacting the food truck business

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – Inflation is impacting local food trucks with items costing more and harder to get. In the southeast Missouri area, food trucks owners are finding their own solutions to continue serving high-quality food. 

Madi’s Kitchen owner Yameka Robinson says she thinks inflation has especially hit the food industry.  

“Well of course inflation has affected most mild businesses but I think especially the food industry because we have a shortage of supplies whereas the supply would be just say 30 bucks a year ago today is $75 today,” said Robinson. 

1-up Food Truck and Catering co-owner Nick Carreras says he has seen the prices of to-go containers and gloves rise.  

While gas prices have gone up for everyone, food truck owners have also seen prices rise on meat and cooking supplies. 

“Yeah, I mean gas prices are going up. The gloves equipment has gone up. The price of to-go containers has gone up,” said Carreras. 

 They are having a harder time finding certain items.  Carreras says that the eco-friendly materials they prefer to use are more expensive, which means they have to find cheaper alternatives.  

“We aim to use all compostable materials and that’s harder to find these days and they’re much more expensive than they used to be,” said Carreras. 

Robinson says sometimes customers may think the price increase on her food items is for her own profit, but she says it’s needed to keep her business alive while still allowing her to make a living. 

“So, with that with us traveling and how to with higher prices we have to kind of raise our prices and a lot of times people think we’re raising our prices to get rich. No, we’re raising our prices to survive,” said Robinson. 

Even with the increase in prices and challenges of finding the best items, 1-up Food Truck and Catering and Madi’s Kitchen, like many other food trucks, are trying to serve the best food for their customers.  

“Because we pride ourselves on our food and making our foods, I wouldn’t want to serve anything that I would feed my family or myself,” said Robinson. 

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