Travel expert says inflation not impacting travel this summer

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Inflation is on the rise but traveling for the summer doesn’t seem to be slowing down as people are enjoying their vacations no matter the price.   

Elite Travel Expert Carolyn Sandgren-Kempf says people are affording trips by using the money that they saved being home during COVID the last two years. 

“Some things you may see when planning your summer trips are flight cancellations due to airlines being short-staffed with pilots protesting over low pay and working conditions,” said Sandgren-Kempf. 

Along with the demand from pilots, the increasing gas prices for planes will impact the overall cost of many flights. 

“Airlines normally purchase their gas about three months in advance so right now we are traveling at the price of what gas was three months ago so that definitely means that you’re going to see an increase in airline ticket fares,” said Sandgren-Kempf. 

Some tips Sandgren-Kempf offers include 

  • Consulting a travel expert if you are having trouble planning your trip, 
  • Depart early if you have an event you can’t miss. It’s best to arrive a day ahead. 
  • Purchase travel insurance. It can protect you from cancellations, flight delays, and more.  

Sandgren-Kempf says these tips are important because the trips aren’t slowing down this summer. 

“So, people are still traveling they are not going to give up their trip,” said Sandgren-Kempf. 

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