Jackson Police Department Drug Take-back Day helps educate community

JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – On Saturday, April 22 the Jackson Police Department held its 24th National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. 

April 22  was a day for people to get rid of old and unwanted medication including tablets, capsules, patches, and other solid forms of prescription drugs.  

It also provided an opportunity for officers to help educate the public on the potential abuse of medication. 

“People who are visiting homes will go through people’s or other family members looking for illegal drugs and this is a way to get it out of the cupboards out of their homes and like I said properly disposed of them without somebody who shouldn’t be using them using,” said Jackson Police Corporal Rick Whitaker

Cpl. Whitaker says the department has helped collect 167 pounds of prescription drugs over a six-month period, no questions asked. 

“Once again, no questions asked with it, they go in and drop it into the bin and we get them from there, and like I said this is properly disposed of,” said Cpl. Whitaker. 

Officers say they are often asked if people need to get rid of the bottle the medication comes in or if they need to get rid of the name on the bottle before handing it over. 

 Whitaker says neither is necessary.  

“We do not look at any of it we probably say we put it into a box the box is sealed and turned over to the DEA so it’s whatever they feel comfortable with doing,” said Cpl. Whitaker. 

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