Keeping the Mississippi River clean with the River Care Program

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KBSI) – There are growing concerns for chemicals, toxic waste, and unfiltered fertilizer entering our clean water.

With the recent flooding and large amounts of rain, these are more likely to enter our water supply.

This has the Missouri Extension service traveling across southeast Missouri to teach people about safe practices to protect our water from pollution.

Chemicals that enter water streams can contribute to the growth of unwanted plants, which could kill animals.

“We have large algae blooms or plant blooms and all those plants, or all those algae dies at the same time,” said Sarah Havens, Field Specialist of Natural Resources. “This pulls oxygen from the water which leads to deoxygenated water which means our fish and other aquatic organism cannot survive in that water.”

Water runoff can also cause erosion, which can destroy concrete, and many types of soil. Although Havens has a solution to slowing down the pollution process.

“…we can also do buffers in our yards. So planting, mulching, to catch that runoff as it goes,” continued Havens.

Havens goal, is to teach people about the reality of pollution and the effects it has on the Mississippi River and other water ways.

“You know, the water that falls in our yards is going to eventually make its way into the river and so we need to think about what we’re putting in the river and try to do our best to be good stewards of that,” finished Havens.

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