Quarry bringing limestone mining to Scott City

SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. (KBSI) – Grays Point Stone and Materials will bring limestone mining back to Scott City.

After mining stopped in 1998, the company has revived the limestone mining operation to benefit the economy and bring more job opportunities.

Russ Mothershead is the owner and manager of Grays Point.

“This project not only commits to the community here, but this is a regional and byon operation that can help service high quality limestone,” said Mothershead.

The locally owned and operated company will provide aggregate rock and agricultural limestone for farmers, as well as concrete and asphalt companies.

The development sits on 350 acres at mile 48 on the upper Mississippi River.

“There’s a lot of demand right now in the south along the coast and this certainly gives us a lot of opportunity to service those areas,” said Clark Bollinger, vice president and general manager of Grays Point.

The operation officially began on September 8 and leaders look forward to quick expansion.

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