Fredericktown business hosts event for Small Business Saturday

FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. (KBSI) – The Crazy Wildflower hosted an event in Fredericktown that part owner Maghan Rehkop says was a way for small businesses to have fun together and make sales.  

“Right now, small businesses kind of hard with the economy and everything so it’s like one time of the year where we can like really get the community together just have everyone come together and have some good fun in sales,” said Rehkop. 

Owner of Waves Mini Donuts Dustin Faught says that The Crazy Wildflower event that brought vendors to their business was great so they can network and build community relations.  

“It’s important just to create that growth within the community so that you know they can continue to grow and do their thing,” said Faught. 

Faught says that customer support is huge not only for small businesses Saturdays but every day because small business owners are your community members. 

“A lot of these businesses come to town because of the scarcity of it so it’s important that we as consumers support these small businesses because they are you and I there,” said Faught. 

Rehkop, says that all small business owners are happy for all support. 

“Because let me tell you we do a little happy dance at the end of the day even if it’s just a small purchase we are so grateful for everyone that walks in or even shares our post likes our post you know we’re grateful for all of it,” said Rehkop. 

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