Missouri State Highway Patrol addresses holiday road safety

DEXTER, Mo. (KBSI) – As an intense round of winter weather ripped through the Show-Me State on Thursday, the Missouri State Highway Patrol worked tirelessly to help motorists battling the elements. 

And although the patrol has responded to over 200 calls for service, Troop E Public Information Officer Sgt. Clark Parrott said people largely heeded the warnings to not drive during the storm. 

“Extreme cold and the wind has not made it any easier, but fortunately, we think people heeded the advice to stay in, stay off the roadways, gave MODOT a chance yesterday to pretreat and work on the roads, and again today,” he said. “The sunshine is doing wonders for it, but people are staying away and letting MODOT do their job.” 

Parrott said a large portion of the accidents during the storm resulted from distractions or people simply driving too fast.

“I was up in northern Stoddard County last night on a call, and you could not see some of the curves,” he said. “If you’re not paying attention, you’re distracted, or trying to film those things, you are going to run off the roadway, and we saw a lot of that last night, just people inattentive and driving way too fast for the conditions that we had.” 

And so, as we reach the holiday weekend, Parrott said to be attentive on the roadways so that this holiday is a happy one. 

“We just ask people to slow down and be mindful of others during this weekend so that the holiday season is not reminded as the time you lost someone,” he said.

Even though the major roadways are pretty well clear, Parrott still advised people to be on the look-out for slick spots. He also said to keep your car ready for when winter strikes again by keeping a well-stocked emergency kit, maintaining at least half a tank of fuel, and making sure any issues under the hood are taken care of.

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