Motivation Monday: Staying consistent with your fitness goals

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Fitness is at the top of many people’s minds at the top of the new year.

“January 1st everyone expects four weeks to see big differences, and it takes, you know, sometimes it takes six before you can really see much difference,” said Tamatha Crowson, 180 Fitness trainer. The key is really to make the process more about the action of working out than about the outcome.” 

Jerry Pledger is one of those individuals who focuses on the action of working out. 

Pledger once weighed 350 pounds and says he focused on his nutrition to lose weight. 

“Nutrition is always number one and make sure you drink enough water, which I have a problem with, and just trying to keep under 200 pounds,” said Pledger. 

Pledger made the decision to lose weight after getting to the point where it hurt to walk.

“I want to be around for my family today and it just hurt to walk,” said Pledger. 

Pledger, the big thing he learned and shared about his journey is that your food choices are the difference maker.  

“Nutrition is always number one; it’s what you, it’s not even here. I mean, when you walk out that door are you gonna eat healthy, are you going down the street to a fast food restaurant?” asked Pledger.

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