Mount Vernon mayor, police warn of potentially criminal social media trend

MOUNT VERNON, Ill. (KBSI) – Authorities are warning everyone to avoid a potentially criminal social media trend. Orbeez, Nerf, and paintball guns are meant for outdoor fun. However, recently Mount Vernon police have had multiple complaints about kids using them inappropriately.

Authorities from Mount Vernon released a statement on Facebook addressing this issue.

“Apparently there’s a new somewhat new TikTok video phenomenon going on involving Orbeez guns with like a challenge type of deal,” said Mount Vernon Police Chief Trent Page. “In it of themselves they are basically a toy and shouldn’t be something the law enforcement would have to deal with.”

The recent trend on the social media platform has people using the guns to shoot innocent people just going about their days.

“However, this is something that again we’re seeing innocent people, we’re seeing children that have special needs being struck multiple times by kids with Orbeez guns when they’re not part of that group they’re just in the park trying to have a day like anybody else would be.”

The guns may be toys, but some people are changing their appearance to make them look like real guns. The mayor of Mount Vernon says this is not a good idea.

“Some of these Orbeez guns or paintball guns, many of them look like toys but there are some of that look exactly like a real weapon and officers can’t tell the difference especially from a distance and especially at dusk or in the evening,” said Mount Vernon Mayor John Lewis. “We just ask people to be responsible be respectful of other people‘s property and have fun but don’t cross that criminal line.”

The police warn people to stop this trend before someone gets hurt or else they could face criminal charges.

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