Muddy Waters owner carrying on mother’s legacy alongside bakery owner

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – You may know the home decor and clothing store off Highway 177 in Cape Girardeau as Egypt Mills Home Décor and More. But now, it has a new name and a new owner who is carrying on her mother’s legacy with the help of a bakery owner.

This store was a home away from home for Angie Perkins, but after she lost her battle with breast cancer in November, her daughter Brittany took over the business. 

“This place wasn’t just a business. It was a community,” Brittany Perkins said. “She had met so many people that were friends and family to her, and the lives she got to touch through it and that touched her life, as well, gave her life so much meaning, and getting to carry that on is such an honor and a privilege.” 

Brittany said it could never be Egypt Mills Home Décor and More without her mother, so the shop has a new name: Muddy Waters, named after a bar that was originally at this location, and the name Angie often used to refer to her store. 

And next door, in the same space as Angie’s old sweet shop, is Rosie’s Bake Shoppe, owned and operated by April Zamudio. 

“Angie was a much-loved person in the community, so it means a lot to me to have connected with just an amazing family out here and work with them and get this going in her memory,” Zamudio said.

“My mother would absolutely love April, I know that, because she is so sweet, and to see somebody that’s so dedicated to their craft and so talented, my mother would be so joyous to know that someone so special is in that space,” Perkins said.

Saturday’s May Market celebrated the opening of both shops, and for Zamudio, it is her first physical location. She had previously operated out of her home, and her husband Patrick would help out doing dishes and such, but now the two run the business together. 

“It’s really special to get to spend this time together and work together because we’ve never had the chance to do that before,” Zamudio said.

And they will do so right next door to Brittany Perkins, as Angie’s legacy lives on.

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