Mystic Market raises money for SEMO Pets

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – What do you get when you combine a spiritual vendor fair and dogs? The Mystic Market of SEMO.

“We put a little piece of our heart into every animal that walks through our doors,” Southeast Missouri Pets Development Director Mary Burton said.

And at events like the Mystic Market, Burton and the SEMO Pets team can help those animals find a home. 

“It’s just a beautiful thing when we can see those families that come in here and bond with an animal and can take it home to be a permanent part of their family,” she said.

One example is Swagger, a six-month old pup who found a home with Courtney Balderas. 

“I just saw him and I had to have him,” Balderas said. “I just wanted to save a puppy.” 

All of the door sales from the Mystic Market will go to SEMO Pets. 

Market host Susan Abney said the first market in Fall 2021 raised money for her cataract surgery, but then: “Through that, we said, ‘Oh wow, what if we could help other people?’ And so, Mystic Market was born,” Abney said.

And thus, the Mystic Market is rooted in giving back. The semi-annual event raises money for a different cause each time, and Burton is thankful that Abney chose SEMO Pets as this edition’s partner. 

“We are so grateful for generous donors like her who are there to support the care and the feeding of the animals that we have there because we have about 3,000 animals every year that we find homes for,” Burton said.

Animals like Swagger, who is absolutely thrilled to have his forever home.

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