Groundbreaking held for new Behavioral Health Crisis Center in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Representatives from the Gibson Center for Behavioral Change, Community Counseling Center and other organizations held a groundbreaking for a new behavioral crisis center in Cape Girardeau.

The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change and the Community Counseling Center are joining forces to create the Behavioral Health Crisis Center.

The center will admit individuals who need a safe and secure environment. The goal of the facility is to get a person in need stabilized, plugged into proper resources, and back into the community as soon as possible.

“As it currently stands when individuals are in crisis generally law-enforcement will intercede and there are only a few options for them now,” said Ryan Essex, the Chief Operating Officer for the Gibson Center for Behavioral Change. “One is to take them to jail the second is generally to take them to the emergency room and this is an option that is the best for everybody is the best for the community it’s best for law enforcement it’s best for those that we will be serving. They will be in the place that they can get the best care.”

The construction is expected to be finished by early fall of 2022.

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