New four way stop signs to be added in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The city of Cape Girardeau will add a few needed stop signs to some city streets. 

During the most recent city of Cape Girardeau council meeting, the council members passed an ordinance allowing the city to place two additional stop signs in an area that has seen issues with accidents in the past. 

Amy Ferris, city engineer for Cape Girardeau, says the new ordinance will fix what the last one missed. 

“Updated the ordinance to add the new stop signs on North Frederick street the way they should have been originally,” said Ferris. 

The new ordinance will follow the original plan to put the stop signs up helping to create a 4-way to stop. Which will hopefully help what Shannon Duggan, a resident on the area, says could possibly be confusing drivers. 

“I also think people often get confused and forget which side to stop at which is what causes accidents pretty common,” said Duggan. 

The intersection became such a problem the residents asked the city to take action and that’s how the study came about. 

“Data for the intersection and in the last five years there were nine accidents and the majority of those accidents could have possibly been prevented by the additional stop signs,” said Ferris. 

Those crashes may have been avoided. The addition of the stop signs will hopefully make the drivers more aware. 

“I would say we probably see 1 to 8 months and then on top of it just unsafe there’s not a ton of kids in this area but because people roll through here so quickly without a stop sign it can be difficult even to cross the street at times when traffic is heavy,” said Duggan.  

“It’s good to do stop sign studies to see that you know if a stop sign is warranted and put them into to keep the roads safe,” said Ferris. 


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