New Green Bear exhibit aims to help teach primary students child abuse prevention

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – April is Child Assault Prevention month (C.A.P.) Southeast Missouri Network Against Sexual Violence (SEMO- NASV) and partners with Discovery Playhouse to bring a new exhibit teaching primary students child abuse prevention. 

Discovery Playhouse felt that the partnering of the two organizations made sense. SEMO NASV’s Director of Development Alix Gasser says this exhibit will help The Green Bear Project reach more children.

“They thought it was a perfect fit for us since we talk to children and work with children and so we really wanted to expand our reach,” said Gasser. 

Expanding their reach, from out of schools, to help give more children and families more ways to learn prevention. 

We want to give them the tool so that they know who to tell if something happens and then how to also try to prevent that from happening as well. 

“We want them to kind of start those conversations, we wanted it to be as easy as saying looking both ways to cross the street or with fire safety stop drop roll,” said Gasser. 

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