New ‘No Excuse Absentee Voting Ballot’ takes shape

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – A new law has been passed in Missouri for no excuse absentee voter ballot.

“Anybody that’s in the county, that’s active and everything is correct, they can now come into our office, and they do not have to tell us a reason why they want to, which they would do with absentee. Now they can just come in and say they want to vote for the Nov. 8 election and don’t have to have any reason,” said Scott County Deputy Clerk Beverly Riley.

The change only applies to residents voting absentee in person at election offices or satellite locations the final two weeks prior to election.

Those casting their ballot by mail are still required to provide an excuse.

“We have a photo I.D. that is required now for voting, but along with that came a two-week notice absentee voting period,” said Cape Girardeau County Clerk Kara Clark Summer.

With new changes to Missouri’s voting laws, bringing a valid ID is a must. Mail, utility bills, voter registration cards, and student ID cards do not count as a form of identification to vote.

“You know, maybe just, sometimes you don’t take the time to go to the polls and now they’re just coming on in and getting their job done,” said Riley.

With the no excuse absentee voting, the polls are expecting to see a voter turnout increase.

“A lady said the other day, ‘Tuesday I’m working all day and night, so I cannot vote’ so this is great for her. She can come in advance and vote when people are ready, and they can come in and vote,” said Summers.

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