One City starting first work-life classes in Sikeston

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – For the first time ever, One City is offering work-life classes in Sikeston, Missouri with the goal of helping more people enter the workforce. 

Over the last 4 years, One City has held 15 work-life sessions for members of the community looking to improve their jobs skills.  

According to One City Work Life Coordinator Christina Cheek, one city saw a need to help people outside of Cape Girardeau’s city limits. 

“There was an opportunity to serve a different group of people and so when we looked around at what communities nearby we kept coming up with Sikeston,” said Cheek. 

Preparing for a job as a first-time employee and developing the skills to move up in the workforce are abilities that Cheek says are needed everywhere.  

The class helps people who have been struggling and maybe have been caught in cycles of unemployment, and so that has a need in a lot of different areas in our state,” said Cheek. 

Along with serving people in the community, this expansion also gives One City the opportunity to network with more employers. 

“So, we’re excited just for people to be able to see what work-life looks like when it’s about how it can help people in their community and how employers can get connected with hiring people who come out of the class who have some new set of skills a new set of learning,” said Cheek. 

The first session of work-life classes begins tomorrow and will continue for seven weeks.  

For more information on how to join a class or volunteer for one city, visit 

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