P.O.R.C.H. brings new initiative to Cape Girardeau real estate scene


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Calling all prospective first-time home buyers.

The name you need to know is this: people organize to revitalize community healing, also known as “P.O.R.C.H., has an initiative for first-time home buyers.

The porch housing coalition helps manifest the vision of home ownership for families and individuals in south Cape: an area of revitalization.

“PORCH will be the connector for our community and our partners. To assure step by step they are getting what they need, they are educated through homeowner education that the lenders are offering. The lenders are working with them to help understand the process and making sure they close is important., said Executive Director Tameka Randle.

The initiative assists individuals and families in finding forever homes in south Cape by connecting them with partners and resources, offering tips and additional resources for those who are dipping their feet into home ownership for the first time.

PORCH will help with home revitalization, down payments, closing costs, inspections and serve as the connection between the south Cape community and housing coalition partners.

Added Randle: “An incentive that we have is we want to help out with closing costs, down payment, inspections, even some home revitalization … in partnership with some programs that the lenders offer. For home start programs so we can leverage those resources to help, with that upfront cost especially, with different ways and different entities to help with sustainability as well.”

The requirements are for first time home buyers who complete the PORCH application and interview, who buy a home within PORCH boundaries, participate in the home ownership education course offered through the PORCH housing coalition lender, the seven steps to home ownership, work with and receive approval from PORCH board of directors to receive funding.

For additional information, visit capeporch.org/.

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