Perryville getting new fire station

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – Firefighters in Perryville are getting a new fire station.

A new fire station for Perryville will be ready for use in the coming weeks and the city is ready for it.
The fire house is the first addition to the department since 1975, it sits alongside the Highway 51 bypass.

Bill Jones, the Assistant Fire Chief for the Perryville Fire Department says,

“That is much closer to our industrial area and so we will be moving more trucks out there that are more specifically appropriate for that area. The better rating the better the I-S-O class is. The lower the insurance rating in the area.

With this move it adds more coverage for the community, and the industrial areas such as TG Missouri, Gilster Mary Lee and Citizens Electric, meaning insurance premiums will come down for everyone.
The ISO, also known as the insurance service offices, looks into the preparedness a city has to cover fires within a certain area.
Jones adds, “But it also benefits them because, the vehicles and the stations were strategically placed for coverage and for actual operations purposes.”

All in all, the new firehouse has residents feeling happy about the future price reduction.
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