Picnic in the Park: Pride Edition

CARBONDALE, Mo. (KBSI) – The LGBTQ community had the chance to enjoy a day in the park surrounded by supporters and other members on Sunday.

It was the 3rd annual Picnic in the Park: Pride Edition hosted by Rainbow Café and the Carbondale Park District.  

Superintendent of Recreation for the Carbondale Park District Nikki Hoseman says events should reflect the community.  

“I think it’s super important to have events like this I think that events and programs that are offered to the public need to reflect the community and I’m super happy that we have such an awesome partner with rainbow café to do these cool events,” said Hoseman. 

Rainbow Café vice chair Carrie Vine says that the idea for this event came with the understanding that parents of those in the LGBTQ community needed events where they could take their kids. 

“I find it really awesome to be able to plan these events and have families come and have the kids come and know that this is what it looks like to be in a community and be joined by other people that have the same values and the same people as you,” said Vine. 

Rainbow Café and Carbondale Park District hope to continue providing a safe place for the LGBTQ community to have fun. 

“An family-friendly event where people can come and spend the afternoon they can come and hang out and just have fun together as family and community,” said Vine. 

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