Poisonous plant spreading through southern IL

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – A poisonous plant may be spreading to southeast Missouri. Poison Hemlock is the name of this deadly plant. It is not common to Missouri but is spreading through southern Illinois.

Poison Hemlock is an exotic weed plant in the carrot family. The plant looks similar to a carrot but could grow to 10 feet tall. The distinguishing factor is the purple spots on the stem.

The plant is common to roadsides, fence lines, and pastures.

“The problem with Poison Hemlock is that it’s incredible toxic to humans and animals,” explained Karla Gage, Associate Professor of Plant Biology at Southern Illinois University.

Gage would not be surprised if its not already in southeast Missouri.

The first response should be to seek medical attention immediately, according Gage and to get rid of the plant as soon as possible.

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