Cape Girardeau pizzeria owner honors late wife by offering free food

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Poppa Mojo’s owner Ron Taylor is on a mission to help feed those who are homeless and hungry in Cape Girardeau.  

His goal was inspired by his wife, Barb Taylor, who created a charity named “Feed Cape” while she battled ovarian cancer. 

“And when she would meet these people in riverfront, they were just like her, you know but they was going through a struggle and she saw that, and she would, like I said, she’d bring him up here and be like hey honey can you get them a couple of hot dogs and some chips and maybe a piece of fruit and so we started doing that, you know,” said Taylor. 

The Taylors aimed to feed as many people as they could, helping others who were struggling, as they traveled back and forth to Chicago for treatments until 2019. 

“We had six years of a journey, of a cancer journey that me and her took together. We ended up in Chicago, where every three weeks at the Cancer Treatment Center of America and just fighting, fighting, fighting, thinking that she’d make it through it and God had other plans for her so,” said Taylor. 

Then, after the loss of his wife, the pandemic hit.  Ron continued feeding people for free, but in larger numbers. 

“Instead of feeding like four or five people a day, we got to feed like 40 or 50 a day so we were feeding people. I have no idea where the money was coming from but we were slinging out food and we were giving out free meals,” said Taylor. 

Now things are relatively back to normal, and the number of people Taylor is feeding has gone down. 

Still, he wants to make sure everyone knows that he is open to helping anyone in need, just like his wife would have wanted. 

“They don’t have to be four o’clock, if you get down here at 10 o’clock at night and you’re really hungry, man, we’ll go hook you up. We’re going to make you a good meal and make sure that you walk out here not so hungry,” said Taylor. 

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