Presidents Day more than a holiday in Jackson, MO


JACKSON, Mo. (KBSI) – February 20, 2023 is President’s Day. It is also known as George Washington’s birthday.

Other than being the first U.S. President, Washington led the Continental Army to victory in the American Revolutionary War.

Now, his birthday serves as a holiday in the United States to honor all those who served as presidents since 1879.

In the Southeast Missouri area, residents soak up the holiday without forgetting the true meaning.

“This was after the Battle of 1812 and Andrew Jackson had won the battle of New Orleans, in 1814, so he was a national hero at that time. So, in 1819 they decided to change the name to Jackson,” said Bill Eddleman, coordinator with the state historical society.

That left Jackson, Mo., to be the first town named after President Andrew Jackson.

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