Project Human X, Southern Illinois University collaborate on inclusive art project

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – Project Human X, a community art center in Carbondale, has collaborated with Southern Illinois University on a rather unique project.

Marquez Scoggin of Project Human X said the canvas, which features nearly 300 small humans painted in a circle around the Southern Illinois University logo, symbolizes what Project Human X, and art in general, are about. 

“We love to create a space where human beings of all kinds feel welcome to come here, to create, to be themselves, and we think it’s really important to use art as a way to bring the community together,” he said.

Around 280 students have already contributed to the canvas, and virtually no two little humans are alike. 

Scoggin said the shape the humans make has significance in itself. 

“We circled it around the SIU logo to symbolize unity,” he said. “When I look at circles, I think about wholeness, I think about togetherness, the circle of life.” 

Scoggin, a SIU graduate himself, said it was special to see the students work together. 

“It was really just one of the most beautiful experiences to see human beings from so many different walks of life come together and add to this beautiful collaboration,” he said.

Scoggin said this collaboration also brings to light the inclusiveness of a college campus like SIU, as well as what can be accomplished when people work together. 

“This canvas symbolizes unity. It symbolizes diversity. It symbolizes human beings of all kinds having a place at SIU,” he said. “Beautiful things like this can happen when you work with other human beings.”

There will be a ceremony celebrating the project, and once complete, it will be hung somewhere on the SIU campus, when and where to be determined.

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