“Remembering Our Fallen” memorial at Wappapello Lake

WAPPAPELLO, Mo. (KBSI) – A photo memorial of Missouri’s fallen soldiers is on display inside the Emerson Memorial visitor center located at Wappapello lake.  

It’s open to the community and provides a place to remember friends and loved ones from Missouri who died for our country.  

This is the third year that coordinator Mary Bader has brought this display to Missouri, with the goal of helping to keep each soldier’s name and memory alive. 

“I have 21 years in; I was in Iraq, and I was one of the lucky ones to come back so it’s very important to me,” said Bader. 

The memorial displays photos of men and women who gave their lives, along with notes written by their families, and messages to remind their loved ones that they will never forget them. 

“A family member can come here, and they leave little index cards so you can leave notes for them, and they laminate them, and they hook him to the card and some of them are really emotional,” said Bader. 

The memorial’s opening celebration was held Saturday with the Poplar Bluff JROTC reading off the name of each service member and mothers of some of the soldiers sharing memories of their families. 

“And that’s the only way you can remember him is saying their names, passing it on down from family to family,” said Bader. 

With the memorial on display through the end of the week, Bader hopes people will come out and remember these heroes. 

“We need to remember; we need to remember those that sacrificed all for our freedom,” said Bader. 

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