Retired teacher inspires random acts of kindness in Carterville

Carterville, Ill. (KBSI) – Debbie Johnson was a beloved teacher in the Carterville community. Last week, she unfortunately passed away.

Johnson’s kindness inspired Carterville City Clerk Khrissy Hollister to take action.

“I proposed the challenge that on the day that she was laid to rest we should all have a random act of kindness just in her honor,” explained Hollister.

Seeing the post, a man with a broken air conditioner called the city. The man lives in a small apartment in Carterville. According to Khrissy, he had no air conditioner, or fan to keep him cool.

As soon as Hollister heard the story, she quickly acted. Friends and co-workers of Hollister used their own money to buy and air conditioner.

The Carterville Fire Department helped install the window unit that morning. However, this act of kindness was only the beginning, as many others began to call in to donate.

“I have had at least three other calls of ‘I want to do that tell me how to get a window unit,’” explained Hollister. “So in Debbie’s honor it’s just spread and it’s amazing.”

She encourages everyone to continue giving back to help people out in Debbie’s honor.

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