River City Rodders host 44th annual Manifolds on Main Rolls Car Show

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The 44th annual Manifolds on Main  Street Car Show hosted by River City Rodders was in downtown Cape Girardeau with cars both old and new outside for the community and car lovers to see.  

River City Rodders President Rick Horrell says that the car show had about 300 cars and was one of their biggest shows ever.  

“But this year with the weather we’ve had this is the biggest turnout we’ve ever had,” said Horrell. 

Car lovers from all over came out Sunday to catch up with old friends, and showed off new upgrades to their rides.  

Participant Willy Jones, says he has been coming to the River City car show for years and participated three times.  

“So, you won’t find a better car people come from all over the states to come to this corner show,” said Jones.  

Jones says the car show is great because you can talk to others about their ideas and their changes to cars.  

Like his car that he had been working on for six years.  

“And all the people and get different ideas from everybody and justice look what people is built most of these were pulled out the junkyard and blow it apart make something beautiful,” said Jones. 

But the car show isn’t only for car lovers, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

“This is a very unique car show people from all around that got vendors everywhere if you want food and drinks and just fun visiting with people and talking with them,” said Jones. 

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