Rozier’s Mercantile in Perryville celebrates 120 years

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – Perryville native and president of Rozier’s Mercantile, Jay Lottes Junior, talks about the five generations of his family who are celebrating one hundred and twenty years of business.

“It’s a pretty good legacy going on,” he said.

But what is the secret to running a sustainable family-owned business?

Jay Lottes Jr., president of Rozier’s Mercantile: “You have to keep up to modernize, keep up that care to the customers and take care of them, you have to do that.”

Rozier’s started in 1903 with the Rozier family, and partnered with the Lottes family later on.

Since then, Rozier’s Mercantile has been passed on through the generations of family members, with Jay’s father, Jay Lottes Sr., also known as ‘Big Jay”, to show him the ropes.

“My father, of course, and grandfather followed after them and my father was in the furniture department, and I worked with him for four years and moved down in the food center when my brothers moved up in line,” Lottes Jr. said.

Now, a new generation has earned their place in the family business.

Brooke Lottes is the youngest of Jay’s children and working her way up the line.

“It feels good, I get to come in, do my job and get to help out with my family,” she said.

Although her brother has interests outside of the family business, Brooke is a bit indecisive on her plans.

“Um, I’m not really sure; I haven’t decided, everybody thinks so, I get it every day that I’m going to follow in my dad’s footsteps.” she said.

Many close family members, such as Jay’s cousins and siblings, continue to work alongside each other, with dedicated and loyal employees.

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