Sikeston Department of Public Safety offers tips to avoid vehicle break ins

SIKESTON, Mo. (KBSI) – Right now, the Sikeston Department of Public Safety says they are seeing reports of thefts from vehicles as well as stolen vehicles. 

Recently in Sikeston, public safety officers say they have been receiving reports of people breaking into cars and in some cases stealing cars.  

There doesn’t seem to be an increase or decrease in the number of break-ins but Sikeston Department of Public Safety Public Information Officer Sgt. Tyler Rowe says in most of these cases the cars are already unlocked. 

“The majority of times the vehicles are unlocked so people go around late at night pulling door handles checking to see if vehicles are unlocked and then they’ll just grab whatever they can inside,” said Sgt. Rowe. 

With break-ins occurring it is important for people to take action to keep their property safe. 

Sgt. Rowe offers shared tips for people to beware of  

  • Park in a lighted area.
  • Lock your vehicle. 
  • Don’t leave the keys inside your vehicle. 
  • Roll up all the windows. 
  • If you have an alarm system, arm your vehicle. 
  • If keeping valuables in the vehicle, hide or lock them inside your glove box or trunk.  

It’s important to use these tips for yourself but Sgt. Rowe also suggests that if you have a security camera and the ability to look out for yourself and your neighbors, you should. 

“Broaden their capture range to maybe catch people walking up and down the street point that are at your vehicles,” said Sgt. Rowe “as well that way we can backtrack and maybe catch them on their camera not necessarily that they (you) were the victim but that we can use their (your) cameras from that area to maybe identify somebody that was breaking into vehicles.”

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