Sikeston Fire Division approved for new equipment

SIKESTON, Mo. (KBSI) – This week the Sikeston City Council approved the purchase of a new Rescue Pumper and Reporting System for the Fire Division. 

The new truck is being built from the ground up with a price tag of more than $900,000. 

It comes with updated features that will help keep firefighters safer and will be a much-needed upgrade from their current trucks which are 28 and 15 years old respectively. 

Sgt. Tyler Rowe, Sikeston Department of Public Safety Public Information Officer, says that as the equipment gets older it becomes more expensive to repair and that newer equipment will improve safety for the community and themselves.

“So, adding a brand-new truck to our fleet is definitely going to improve officer safety reliability and just overall morale with the department,” said Sgt. Rowe. 

He says that the new truck will feature things like a mid-mount that will help them attack and see fires from sides of the truck compared to just one side their current trucks only allow.  

“So that the guy that is operating the pump behind me will be able to stand on the pad but be able to see both sides of the truck so if the fires on one side or with this truck you can only see from the driver’s side,” said Sgt. Rowe. 

The new reporting system will help firefighters stay better organized. 

“I will now be able to track our personnel training equipment as well as incidents a lot easier and quicker and everything is more up to date,” said Sgt. Rowe. 

The new upgrades in equipment are much needed and will help the Sikeston Fire Division in their everyday operations.   

“In all it helps the flow it helps the day-to-day aspect of our fire division,” said Rowe. 

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