Some things to remember as winter approaches

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – As the weather starts to change and it starts to get cold and gloomy outside it’s important to stay ready for any situation. 

Staying warm during the winter can be a challenge, many people like to use equipment like space heaters to stay warm.  

Cape Girardeau Fire Battalion Chief Brad Dillow says that many times people use these space heaters the wrong way.   

“For portable heaters and things of that nature make sure they’re at least three-four feet away from any other object make sure you’re using the correct or try not to use extension cords if you don’t have to but if you do have to use an extension cord make sure it’s a rated extension cord,” said Dillow. 

Other ways people try to keep the heat in their homes are by using ovens as a heat source.  

Dillow says that is not ideal.  

Will open their oven doors to heat their house that’s not advisable that’s not the way that was intended to work especially gas ovens and things like that, so we don’t like to see that,” said Dillow. 

During the busy holiday season, being forgetful can be easy when cooking, or even staying warm.  

Dillow’s biggest advice is to make sure your smoke alarms are working and when you sleep keep your doors close it can make a difference.  

“We can definitely see a big difference in an area that had the door shut versus an area that did not have a door shut,” said Dillow. 

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