Stuff the Bus school supply event to benefit Scott City students, families, teachers

SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KBSI) – Folders, glue, index cards, you name it. At Stuff the Bus, any and all school supplies were welcome. 

Brandy Lambert, president of the Scott City Parent Teacher Organization, said this event is one of many ways the PTO helps out students and families. 

“It just helps kids that can’t otherwise receive the supplies for whatever reason,” she said. “They can receive the supplies that they need for their school year and they don’t feel like they don’t have anything because it’s there and available for them.” 

The supplies collected at Stuff the Bus also benefit the teachers like Megan Jourden, who is preparing for her first year as a first grade teacher at Scott City Elementary. 

Jourden said she has received help from the school in getting ready for the school year, but as a teacher, especially a first-year teacher, there is no such thing as having too many supplies. 

“As a first-year teacher, it’s a little stressful because you start out with nothing, and the school has given me a lot, but you can always use more,” she said. “Crayons go so fast. They lose pencils the second it’s in their hand. Erasers go. It’s a little stressful but I’m trying.” 

Jourden said there is a comfortable feeling knowing that she and other teachers won’t have to scramble to find school supplies. 

“The supplies help so much just by knowing that they’re in the classroom,” she said. “Like if we run out of crayons and they need an extra crayon, I know it’s in my cabinet and I can go get it for them. That’s how it is with all of the supplies. If we run out, or they lost it, I know I have it, and so it’s that feeling of comfort knowing that it’s there, and then also gratitude that it’s there, that I didn’t have to purchase it.” 

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