Swimming canines help raise money for future dog park

ANNA, Ill. (KBSI) – There’s nothing like jumping in the pool on a warm summer day.

Just ask the pooches who took to the water at Saturday’s Doggie Swim Day at the Anna City Pool. 

Hillary Hines-Holl brought her 14-month-old Golden Retriever Ahsoka Barko.

“She loves swimming, so we’ve taken her to our friend’s pool. Last year, we had just gotten her so she was too young to come,” she said. “Some of our other friends came, so we had a great time. She got to jump and swim and wear herself out. She had a great time. It was a lot of fun.” 

Kathy Pengress and her Labrador Retriever Bella enjoyed the water, especially Bella. 

“She loves the water, so this is a great activity for her. And she loves the lifeguards,” Pengress said.

Amanda Carter was apprehensive about bringing her two French bulldogs, Mavis and Millie, but she was glad she did. 

“This is their first time in the swimming pool,” she said. “They seemed to really enjoy it. I’m really happy that we had this opportunity. We don’t have a pool, so it’s nice to see how they handled the water, and we’ll be back next year.” 

The funds raised from Saturday will go toward the development of a future dog park in the City of Anna. This is pleasant news for those who have to travel as far as a half hour to a dog park. 

“The closest dog park I have to travel to is Murphysboro, so it’ll be really nice to be able to stay at home and have a nice safe area for the dogs to play in,” Carter said.

“Communities benefit from them a lot more than people probably think because they hear ‘dog park’ and think ‘what,’ but when you have a lot of people who love their dogs as much as we do, it’s nice to have just a free open place and get them socialized, and just interact with more people in the community, too,” Hines-Holl said.

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