Tax season scams to monitor

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Tax season is approaching, and many will be rushing to file their taxes.

But the Better Business Bureau warns people to take some time and get prepared and watch out for scammers.  

Whitney Quick, regional director of the Better Business Bureau, says that receiving wages from an employer you don’t know could mean you are a victim of tax fraud.     

“You want to pay attention to any mail that you received from the IRS but be very skeptical if you get any phone calls or emails because the IRS doesn’t initiate contact this way if the IRS informs you that a return is already been filed or that you’ve received wages from an employer that you don’t know you could be a victim of tax fraud and if this happens then you need to file your return on paper and visit an IRS office as soon as possible,” said Quick. 

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