Community comes out to remember Johnny T

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Sunday, people came out to remember someone that many called a pillar in the community. From local businesses to family and friends, the community came out to remember John Thurman (Johnny T).  

 No rain was going to stop family, friends, and supporters from coming out and getting a piercing or tattoo in the memory of Johnny T who passed on July 8, 2022 due to a tragic bike/car crash.

Fellow tattoo artist and friend of Johnny T says the tattoos offered were ones made by Johnny himself. 

“So, the tattoos that we’re doing today are actually specifically a flash sheet that Johnny drew so they’re actually getting a piece of his art on him on them today,” said Carmack. 

Johnny’s impacts on others could be seen far and wide as his friends came out to volunteer their services. They say they did it because he would do the same for them. 

“Well, we have several artists that are from out of town that came in that knew him as well that wanted to help out,” said Carmack. 

Another long-time friend of Johnny says he was also someone trying to push others to do better. 

“Is one of the people I looked up to in the music scene. He just was a really warm and inviting person even if he hung out with some of the younger cats. You know he was still trying to push us and you know make the scene a little better,” said Reeves. 

 In end, Sunday was a way for friends and the community to honor a friend that they will forever miss. 

 “You can tell just by the turn out that you know he’s was a pinnacle in our society and we’re going to miss him a lot but you know hopefully we can do something every year to kind of just you know help out where we can,” said Reeves. 

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