Election day prep for Illinois voters

(KBSI) – Midterm election voting has begun, and many may have questions on how to prepare to cast their vote. 

Equally as important during these times is avoiding misconceptions.

“These are things, like, putting out a Facebook post that might say that polling places in Rockford, Ill., are closing early because of a technical problem; no voting after 3 p.m., something like that we would be on the lookout for,” said Matt Dietrich of the Illinois Board of Elections.

Other bad information to avoid is what type of writing instrument to use; one will be given to you at your polling station and all valid provisional ballots will be counted. 

But along with easing your mind about false information. 

Dietrich says voters can look into where their voting locations are and research their sample ballots to be prepared.  

“Look at your sample ballot for your precinct that way you’ll have an idea of who is going to be on your ballot; who you’ll be voting for; you’ll be prepared when you go into the polling place,” said Dietrich. 

Lastly, a fear for many can be mistreatment at these voting locations. 

 Dietrich says for the state of Illinois you can call the state board of elections but in general for all voting anywhere let your county clerk know.   

“They can quickly report it to the county clerk if it is an issue that rises to the level of needing law enforcement; the election judge can make that call; the county clerk can make that call; again, you could also contact us,” said Dietrich. 

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