Tips to protect tech in high temperatures

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – With excessive heat seen almost every day this summer, a lot of times we think about keeping ourselves cool, but forget about the electronic devices that we use so often 

I spoke with A-T-&-T tech expert Theo Alexander who tells me people tend to forget about their devices in the heat. 

“You know we think about the weather I mean obviously people you know use their weather apps quite a bit to see what’s going on you know whether it’s hot raining humidity things like that but I think a lot of times people don’t think about what the heat could do to their device,” said Alexander. 

According to Apple support, the ideal temperatures to operate an iPhone are between 32 and 95 degrees.  

When phones are in temperatures hotter than that, their charging capacity can slow or stop and their performance ability slows down. Devices are even at risk for more permanent damage, like a shortened battery life. 

“You know when we think about heat you know it’s really not safe to have your device …in direct sunlight when it’s an extremely hot day and we’ve seen some really extreme temperatures here lately,” said Alexander. 

Some tips to protect your tech from the heat. 

Don’t leave your device in the car. Extreme heat can damage a device.  

Instead, keep your smartphone and/or tablet with you, either in a purse, briefcase or backpack.  

Don’t subject your device to extreme temperature changes.  

Bringing your electronics from a 90-plus-degree sunny day to a well-air-conditioned room can cause moisture to build up inside your device.  

Allow your phone to transition gradually to the cooler temperatures by putting it in your purse or pocket before entering a room.  

Consider downloading an app that monitors your smartphone’s CPU and battery temperature.  

And lastly, cool it down.  

If your device overheats, try removing the case, switching to airplane mode to shut off apps, and fan it to help cool it down. 

“So, you can you can download apps that can help with that can you know give you you know essentially a health check on your device and how it’s performing through the CPU, ” said Alexander. 

With this heat, experts like alexander just want you to protect your device at all costs.

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