UP CLOSE: Whitney Quick of the Better Business Bureau offers student loan scam tips

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Scammers are on high alert theses days.

Everything from credit cards to student loan forgiveness.

So, as we head to the fall season, what sort of scams are circulating that are relative to the loan forgiveness?

“Ever since the announcement, was made from the Biden administration, we kind of called it and said, ‘Hey, make sure that you are on the lookout for this, and then a few days later, we started getting reports in about scams that had actually started happening,” said Whitney Quick, regional director for the Cape Girardeau Better Business Bureau.

Quick continued: “So how these schemes work is typically you’re going to get a phone call, they’ll either leave a voicemail or text message saying that there is a new plan for the Biden administration for student loan forgiveness and if you talk to any of these people, what they’re going to do is send you to a website that is going to ask for your personal information. That’s your name, your address, social and then they’re also probably going to ask for your bank account information, so that should be a red flag for you right there.”

Quick will make a weekly visit to the KBSI studio, delivering consumer scamming tips.

Check back next Sunday for two more reports on current scams.

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