Pet safety tips to keep Halloween from turning into a real nightmare

Pet Safety Tips To Keep Halloween From Turning Into A Real Nightmare

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Camp Bow Wow is sharing pet safety tips for Halloween.

Americans are expected to spend $700 million on Halloween costumes for their pets this year, but the season can be more trick than treat when it comes to safety.

Here are a few tips from Animal Health & Behavior Expert Erin Askeland.

  1. Do not take your pets trick-or-treating. It’s possible that your dog could get spooked by a ghost or goblin and even the friendliest dog could bite someone to protect itself or you from what it perceives as a threat. Instead, keep your pet in a safe, secluded space so they cannot escape when the door opens to trick-or-treaters.
  1. Make sure your pet’s costume is safe. Fido may look adorable in his new superhero costume, but that cape won’t necessarily keep him out of harm’s way. Costumes should not constrict the animal’s movement, hearing or sight or impede their ability to breathe, bark or meow. Avoid small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces that animals could choke on. It is helpful to try on costumes before Halloween, and if your pet seems distressed or shows abnormal behavior, don’t force them to wear it.
  1. Don’t feed Fido candy. Chocolate in all forms, especially dark and baking chocolate, can be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Instead, give your pooch their own Halloween candy by treating them to their favorite doggy snack. If you do suspect that your pet has ingested something toxic, call your veterinarian or your local poison control center immediately.
  1. Look out for potentially dangerous decorations. Keep an eye out for decorative edible items like Halloween pumpkins and candy corn when participating in Halloween festivities with your pet. While these are relatively nontoxic, they can cause stomach upset in pets who nibble on them.

By keeping these tips in mind, Halloween should be sweet for you and your pets.

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