UNL research suggests popular ‘momfluencers’ can harm new mothers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln explores the harmful impact of mommy influencers, commonly called momfluencers.

These are typically young mothers on social media who promote a picture perfect family.

But growing data suggests they can hurt your household with the unrealistic expectations that are portrayed.

Assistant Professor Ciera Kirkpatrick shared Instagram posts from momfluencers with more than 400 new mothers.

Many showed off clean homes, perfect makeup and happy children.  Kirkpatrick says the group of new mothers came away more anxious and envious.

Her results are similar to another recent study by Edison Research.  It looked into both momfluencers and online mom groups.

The study found 23% of moms using social media say it’s had a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing.

49% say they’ve decided to not post, share or comment on social media because they worry others will judge them.

Kirkpatrick, who is a mother herself, recommends keeping it real if you do post.

The assistant professor tries to showcase difficulties and challenges.  She says sharing hardships can help other moms feel less alone.

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