2023 Alzheimer’s Facts and Figures report released

CAPE GIRARDEAU, mo. (KBSI) – The 2023 Alzheimer’s Association Facts and Figures report was released Wednesday morning.

The data is alarming for Missouri in-homme caregivers’ mental and physical health.

Sarah Lovegreen of the Greater Missouri Chapter says while the report illuminates a multitude of avenues, the fight for in-home caregivers is on the rise.

“We hear every day through our support groups and our 24-7 helpline, the stress that caregivers are experiencing. And really what we saw in the report this year, is the magnitude of those numbers, and we are being able to see these high amounts of emotional stress, but then also the physical stress of caregiving … the toll it’s taking. We know that stress negatively impacts our health, and this report is showing the stress of caregiving is decreasing that physical and mental health of the caregiver, which puts them at risk to not being able to care for their loved one anymore. I think that is a big piece of that. Not only are we seeing increases in chronic conditions, but pretty significant increased rates of depression and anxiety among our family caregivers,” said Lovegreen.

More than 11 million Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related caregivers provided approximately 18 billion hours of unpaid care in 2022.

And 59 percent of those caregivers report emotional stress due to the caregiving.

If a friend or family member are in need of help, call the 24-7 helpline at 800-272-3900.

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