3 Sikeston organizations form club for children

SIKESTON. Mo. (KBSI) – Three local organizations collaborate to form a character-building club for the youth.

Spread Hope Now, Youth Empowerment 573, and YMCA of Southeast Missouri are the founders of Club Hope.

“We got together and started talking about what we could do if the three of us just joined together and did something huge,” said Mari Ann Moyers, director of Spread Hope Now.

Club Hope will focus on making a positive impact on the development of children from kindergarten to fourth grade.

“We do our part to try to motivate the city of Sikeston to just get their kids back out and give them extra resources,” said Treston Pulley, Sports Coordinator of Youth Empowerment 573. “The main thing is to get those kids involved early to give them those resources to have mentorship throughout the year.”

The organization is now taking sign-ups, with $10 covering T-shirt costs for each application.

Workshops are set to begin on September 24.

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