AAA and Tech Green Electrical LLC give safety tips for power outages

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Anything could happen during a major storm and power outages are a part of them.

Tyson Suhre owner of Green Tech Electrical LLC says, keeping the essentials on-hand and ready to go is important for survival while waiting for the lights to come back on. “Water, food, your medications, if it’s in the wintertime make sure you have some good heat sources you know something other than that’s electric, if you have gas to your house that’s good. You’re still going to have to use your furnace if you can get the volt to an alternate power source. Fireplaces, things like that to keep warm.”

Having a small portable heater installed can help for heating in colder power outages, but having it installed by a professional is imperative.

Suhre continues to say, “It could possibly cause injury to a lineman who’s out there trying to restore power.”

Another hazard to take precaution from can be downed power lines, Nick Chabarria a Public Relations Specialist from AAA explains, “The weight of the ice that accumulates on power lines tends to take them down or you know break the poles completely.”

Just because those lines are down, does not mean they are no longer active.

Touching those lines can cause serious injury or even death.

For those who have to brave the winter weather should be aware of what to do if you happen to cross one of the downed power lines.
Chabarria says, “Stay in your vehicle, you know your tires are going to insulate you, from the ground if there’s live electricity.”

Exiting the area as safely as possible, and alerting emergency crews.

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