AAA – Items to have in your car for winter weather

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Having an emergency vehicle kit in your car is vital to winter road safety.

“A good pair of jumper cables, the number one reason people call AAA for assistance in the wintertime is for dead or disabled batteries,” said AAA Public Relations Specialist Nick Chabarria.

He says these tips will help citizens stay safe and warm while driving in winter weather.

“Hat, gloves, you know maybe an extra sweater, a blanket,” said Chabarria. “Ways to dig out or get traction, a snow shovel, some sort of traction material, non-clumpy kitty litter. Sand can help if you put that under your tires.”

It’s also helpful to have a snow brush, an ice scraper and warming gloves. These items are great for early mornings as your letting your car warm up or when returning to snow-covered car.

Chabarria goes on to say, “The number one tool these days that can help you the most is a well charged cellphone, and a way to charge your cell phone in your vehicle. A great way to get real time traffic and weather, as well as call for help if needed.”

Chabarria also says there is only one true way to beat the weather and make sure you avoid winter trouble.  “If you can stay home during the storm, do that; you know, that’s going to be your best way to stay safe.”

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