Amoxicillin shortage causing tough time for families

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – A national shortage of amoxicillin has led to families looking for other alternatives to fight various illnesses at the most inopportune time: winter! 

Kesley Cissell, a pharmacist at John’s Pharmacy, says the shortage can be from companies being short-staffed.  

“I am not totally sure but from hearing certain things, just being short-staffed, people cannot keep up with the demand; companies cannot keep up with demand so manufacturing plants cannot keep up,” said Kesley. 

The medication helps with chest and bacterial infections, most notably.  

Just these bacterial infections; ear infections are a top one for little kiddos,” said Kesley. 

Families are feeling the effects of the shortage. 

Families sent messages to KBSI: Dana, who declined to give the last name or appear on camera, said in a text message she went to the doctor on Friday, Dec.2nd at 8 am, and the medication was prescribed to her daughter who is non-verbal autistic and battling double ear infections.  

She couldn’t find the medication until Saturday morning after calling surrounding locations.  

Cissell says calling your local pharmacy can help. 

“We can always call the provider for you, and we can figure it out, try to get something that we actually have in stock … amoxicillin,” said Kesley. 

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