April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

(KBSI) – As the weather starts to get warmer and more people are driving the likelihood of crashes goes up. 

That’s why before summer begins April is dedicated to Distracted Driving Awareness Month. 

Illinois State Police Public Information Officer Josh Robinson says that being distracted plays a part in almost every crash. 

“It’s a contributing factor in almost every crash that’s occurring anymore and it’s a big problem and we’re going to take this month and set it apart from the rest and say this is what we’re going to specifically focus on doesn’t mean we’re not going to focus on other violations but we’re going to specifically focus on distracted driving,” said Robinson. 

Distracted driving is just one of the four big things Illinois State Police are looking for. 

“Speeding driving under the influence of alcohol or drug or combination and seat belt or occupant restraint use or lack thereof so when we look at our fatal 4 we’re always focusing on those in addition to everything else we do,” said Robinson. 

Robinson shares some tips to keep your attention on the road.  

  • If you are expecting a text or need to send one, pull over and park your car in a safe location. 
  • Ask your passenger to be your “designated texter.” 
  • Do not engage in social media scrolling or messaging while driving. 
  • Cell phone use is habit-forming. Struggling to not text and drive? Activate your phone’s “do not disturb” feature. 

“On the road do the best that they can so that they can positively impact everyone out on the road and drive safely, choose defensive choices when they’re driving, and you know anticipate what might happen what’s coming up ahead,” said Robinson. 

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