April is Digital Spring-Cleaning Month

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – April is Digital Spring-Cleaning Month  

Better Business Bureau Regional Director Whitney Quick says that taking some time to clean up your data can help a lot.  

Quick suggest taking some time to protect your computer with antivirus software and clean up files. 

“So, make sure that you’re using antivirus software to protect your computer and its contents from viruses spyware and hackers be wary of any unsolicited customer support emails and pop-ups before giving a customer support representative remote access to your computer,” said Quick. 

Quick also says to take some time to update your phone and get rid of apps you don’t use anymore.  

“So, the same goes for mobile devices consider deleting any apps that you don’t regularly use and check your phone settings um in the menu to see if you had the most recent updates installed to make sure that you’re backing up your important files,” said Quick. 

Lastly, Quick, reminds people to clean up their social media accounts. Especially the ones you don’t use often.  

“Accounts that you don’t have or that you’re not currently using and check the privacy settings on each account to make sure that they’re set to your preference,” said Quick. 

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