Artists unite, paint for a special cause

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI)- Barb Bailey and Aaron Horrell are artists working to put together a mural for the Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship and have been working on a campaign project called Paint for A Cause for more than seven years.

“We do these for special, charitable, yeah, special causes,” said Horrell.

The six-foot-tall mural can be found at the Painted Wren Art Gallery in downtown Cape Girardeau.

The mural will find its home on a wall in the Mississippi Valley Facility in the near future.

All proceeds go towards Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Horrell added: “I think that was my idea, probably to use the horses we went and measured a wall in their facility, six feet tall and ten feet wide, it makes up pretty much most of one wall, this mural will fit right in there.”

Horrell says that anyone can paint the mural, with nearly 8,000 triangles to fill up, they need the community to come help complete the project.

“For one dollar they can paint one triangle, if they want to paint more than that just one more dollar,” said Bailey.

Jenny Stroder, a resident from Oak Ridge made a quick stop in the art gallery to fill her space.

“The children can very much benefit from it, they can, get rid of some anxiety, it gives them an outlet, it gives them something to be proud of themselves,” she said.

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