Babe Ruth World Series in Cape Girardeau


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Baseball teams from around the world are gathering in Cape Girardeau for the 16-18 Year Old Babe Ruth World Series which takes place August 13-20.

Capaha Field in Cape Girardeau is hosting the Senior Babe Ruth World Series for the first time in the state of Missouri.

It’s proving to be a home run for the local economy.

“It’s the best that Babe Ruth has to offer,” said Michael Minner. He is the coach of the Flying Squirrels, one of two Missouri teams to qualify for the series.

“We’re in day three of the world series with teams from all over the world,” said Minner.

A total of 14 teams from four different countries are in Cape Girardeau to compete.

“Taiwan, China, Australia Canada, and of course the U.S. where we have 10 teams represented here locally in the U.S.,” said Minner.

Hotels are sold out and Spencer Sander, a former baseball player in the Senior Babe Ruth World Series, says he thinks this will be a great economic boost for Cape Girardeau.

“There will be a lot of revenue come in like you have the people coming from out of state, and out of the country to here,” said Sander. “And you have people who have seen the Squirrels and seen local teams like the Tropics as well who want to come out and see their team play against Australia and China and teams like that.”

The baseball event also features lots of food vendors and team items that can be purchased.

“Then with them selling all the memorabilia like I have on is going to make them money and really just people coming out and buying food and local stuff,” Sander said. “I would say you’re going to have a ton of people tonight (Wednesday) all the way through the weekend.”

Two local teams are competing. The Southeast Tropics from Charleston, Mo. is managed by Dustin Schwarts and coached by Mac McConnell.

The Charleston Squirels from Charleston, Mo. is managed by Michael Minner and coached by Jordan Williams, Jamie Johnson, Robin Minner and Ian Householder.

Fans can cheer on all the teams through Saturday. The event kicked off Monday and will continue through Saturday, August 19.

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