BBB: Beware of online quizzes

(KBSI) – Social media is a tool often used as a fun distraction, but taking an online quiz in your spare time on Facebook or other social media platforms could get you scammed.

Often times what you think is a fun quiz pops up on your timeline and asks you to answer a few questions about yourself or your personal interests.

Regional Director of Better Business Bureau in Cape Girardeau Whitney Quick says often times these quizes are using your information for personal gains.

“Whenever you see these pop up a lot of them say, what was your first car? What street did you live on in third grade? Where did you graduate high school? So, when we’re putting that on any of these quizzes you are putting out some answers actually for the same things that we’re using to log into our bank account,” Quick said.

To avoid being scammed, Quick advises to not share personal information with people you don’t personally know,

Set your preferences as restricted. Remove personal information and details from you profile. And always be skeptical.

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