BBB: Tips for safety on Facebook

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – A game or quiz on Facebook could be fun to pass the time, and the questions you give answers to might not seem important or big.  

But Whitney Quick, with the Better Business Bureau, says these answers are important. 

“Are putting out some questions or some answers actually for the same things that we’re using to log into our bank account login or our credit card account,” said Quick. 

Quick, says when taking these quizzes or playing games she says to do some research about who actually created them. 

“If you’re worried about where your information is going and who you’re sharing it with then it’s a really good idea to do some research before,” said Quick. 

Another tip, quick share about staying safe on Facebook and other social media platforms is to monitor your friend list.  

Rather it’s removing unused accounts or limiting certain people’s access to your information.  

“It would be a good idea to set some of that stuff where you are letting out a lot of personal information maybe I’m restricted to where only the people who are friends with but anybody that you don’t know maybe set as restrictive so that way, you’re not sharing the information,” said Quick. 

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